Friday, May 20, 2016


That time of year is around and tourist are on their way! Help your class cash in on this by participating in the car wash on Saturday the 28th from 11-3. You do not have to stay the entire time but any effort is greatly appreciated! Let's get some cash for your class!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Hello members and supporters of the class of 2018! Its that wonderful time of year again and we are embracing the warm spring with our flower bulb fundraiser! We need everyone to Sell! Sell! Sell! The person who brings in the most money from this fundraiser will receive 40 dollars in cash, gift card or paid dues, your choice of payment. Speaking dues prom is around the corner and anyone planning on attending needs to have dues paid up to date! We are also planning a car wash May 28th but it can only happen with your help! please let any class officers or class advisors for more info and to sign up to help out. Lets go 2018 we can do this!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

winter carnival

Hello class of 2018 winter carnival lip-sync is right around the corner along our flower bulb fundraiser, our best fundraiser by far! We like to encourage everyone's participation in the dress-up days along with all of the events that go along with winter carnival that will be announced later on. Will need dancers,  Choreogrhers, athletes and anyone else that would love to help we're going to need costumes and cardboard for props and dates for rehearsals will be announced later on as well and this year with many sophomores having their license they'll be a larger availability for rides home if needed as well just please make arrangements before hand thank you so much for being amazing peers and wonderful classmates!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Car wash!

Hello everyone! Your freshman student council will be holding a car wash and hot dog sale on Saturday May 30th, from 10-2 pm. We need volunteers to help wash cars, hold signs, and sell food. If you are interested in helping or donating money, soap, buckets and hoses, please contact a class officer or a class advisor we thank you for any help and support.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hello parents, students, and faculty The freshman body has been hard at work recruiting everyone for the Lip Sync we perform at winter carnival. Its a short 12 minute long  program using 3 to 5 'one hit wonder' songs. We also need students to participate in several after school winter carnival activities such as, arm wrestling, ping pong, relay races and cross fire and many more! Any student interested in participating please let a class officer beware and we will add you to our lists! Thank you very much!

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Congratulations Everyone on a great spirit week and wonderful homecoming! Special Thanks to the Lapars and Coulters and everyone who donated items for a memorable hallway!

Purple our class color Tshirts are still available for 8 dollars in the main office please see Mrs.Copithorne.

Dues students are required to contribute 20 dollars in class dues each year. this money helps pay for expenses our senior year. Please keep update to date as you must up to date to participate in major events. See Ms.Hill the gym or Mrs.Copithorne in the main office.

Candy Sale we are currently selling candy for 1 dollar a piece to purchase candy please see one of our class officers or visits the main office. You can also help sell candy please see Mrs.Copithorne in the main office for details.

Future Fundraising we are also planning two hat days. November 25th and March 6th please wear your hats only 1 dollar. Also a car wash! On Saturday May 23rd we will be holding a car wash and bake sale here at KRHS please attend. More details will be given closer to the dates.

A big thank you to the Students and Parents for any and all help and support! Lets make this a great year!